Andrew Knapp

Cody & Beef Supreme

Andrew Knapp
Cody & Beef Supreme

Cody is a sheep rancher in Oregon. Beef Supreme is named after a character in Idiocracy. But he’s smart. He’s a border collie, born to herd sheep, and today, that’s just what he does. But without him, that wouldn’t be what Cody does, even though today, sheep are Cody’s life. 

“The life I’m living today is because I’ve spent so much time with dogs”

Cody actually has three dogs. Two border collies and one mix. The mix has been the hardest to train. But he needs three. In the case where one gets an injury, the other needs to step in so he can have two in the field. Without the dogs, his ranching work would be considerably more difficult. 


Cody’s life shifted from being a mechanical engineer to working with livestock. Cody was impressed with his neighbor’s border collie and the amount of things this dog could learn. Soon after he acquired his first, he got 60 sheep, and then 600 sheep, and then 3000 sheep.

It’s rewarding to train a dog until it becomes a useful working dog. It’s a proud moment, he says, when you can work your dog to successfully have it herd your livestock. Cody initially got his dog simply because he wanted a dog. He only learned about the potential for sheep herding afterwards. Today, it’s been nearly a decade and he’s a full time sheep rancher.

The dogs are his workmates, but also his buddies. He says they can be both. On the weekends, the dogs accompany him on hikes, and during the workweeks, they’re by his side making his job possible. 



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