Andrew Knapp

Kim & Rocket

Andrew Knapp
Kim & Rocket

Kim describes her life before rocket, quite simply, as sad. Unmotivated to work on her own obstacles, and an unidentifiable anger from losing her dad at a young age. Like a ghost, she felt like she wasn’t quite living. 


She found rocket in a parking lot in Los Angeles late one night, his leash dragging behind him. She’d just gotten a tattoo and was on her way home, she was mostly couch surfing at the time. Without hesitation, her ever-apparent sense of empathy compelled her to rescue this dog from whatever life it was suffering through. She immediately saw that she had some work to do.

“it takes a lot of energy to have a dog with a lot of problems, but it’s worth it.”

Today, ten years later, she has a hedgehog, two bunnies, two dogs (Ollie and Rocket), and two girls. She’d have more if she could. And it doesn’t end there, her thoughtfully decorated home is rich with ongoing projects keeping her, her partner Damion, and his daughter Mina busy and fulfilled.


No doubt that Rocket’s presence through the ten years of change has had an impact on each of the elements in Kim's life, but these changes were mostly apparent in Kim herself. Her anxiety under control, she attributes a lot of her self-work to her work with Rocket. Rocket exhibited one problem after another, and still does. Like parallel lines, her work on him matched her work on herself. 

Rocket, first and foremost, has grounded Kim. She’s learned to face her blocks and her issues just as she couldn’t ignore the problems that arose in Rocket.


Kim asserted that “it’s ok to have a dog with a lot of past traumatic experiences.” She’s worked on Rocket for ten years now, and she added that “it takes a lot of energy to have a dog with a lot of problems, but it’s worth it.” As they say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Rocket & Damien


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