Andrew Knapp

Sara & Vincent (v)

Andrew Knapp
Sara & Vincent (v)


From Sara:

“This little dog has taught me about coming back after anything. We call him Vince, short for Vincent Van Dog. He has scars from being mauled, and six years of abuse we can only imagine. One ear, knitted together by a deft Vet's stitching, bears a rippled line from the tip to the base. But the ear survived against all odds to make an irony of his name. He can be fearsome to look at with all those scars and a snapping jaw just a little too big for his face – when he yawns it is a sight. We joke and say he is a Jack Russell / alligator mix. And we laugh and we smooth our hands over sleek fur that grows over his healthy seventeen pounds. And we remember when he came to us, six years old and full of stitches, with a rough coat stretched over just seven pounds of bone and sinew and will. It took six months for him to learn to wag his tail. Now, when you arrive home, his whole body sways, hips swinging left and right to wag his whole southern hemisphere. But best of all… he no longer cries in his sleep. And this is how I know that it can always get better. Always.”



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