Andrew Knapp

Tabitha & Aurora (v)

Andrew Knapp
Tabitha & Aurora (v)


In a kennel at Animal Humane, in the midst of a litter of German Shepards, a little white fuzzy Aurora waited. Tabitha would soon become a volunteer at Animal Humane, and around the same time, she met Aurora and took her home. Tabitha’s involvement with the shelter doesn’t end here, as she’d soon start working there.

It’s been 5 years since Tabitha has worked at Animal Humane and she’s learned a lot about rescuing animals, and about the animal’s life before it gets rescued. Tabitha says that every day a dog is in a shelter, it mentally declines. She can see it. Dogs are domesticated, and they need that human companionship, that constant flow of compassion, to be at its best.

“Every day a dog is in a shelter, it mentally declines.”

Though not always the case, a rescue dog can certainly prove to be a challenge. Aurora is no exception to this. Tabitha may have chosen one of the most difficult dogs, but she sticks by Aurora, and gives her the compassion she needs. In return, she has a travel companion, and a dog that brings her out into the world to explore, hike, and capture photos.


The work she puts into Aurora is endless. As she seems to curb one naughty behavior, another arises. And then another, and then another. This skillset has given her the tools she needs to share the reality of rescuing a dog with visitors to Animal Humane, and the support she needs to help those who are having problems with the dogs they’ve adopted.

But the work put into a dog comes back. As a travel companion, a subject to your photography, a little white fuzzy animal that needs a cuddle. The countless energy you put into your rescue only comes back as boundless lover and adventure.



If you liked this story, consider donating to Animal Humane, or donate or spend some time helping out at a local rescue you prefer.




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